Quality Policy

In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, we adopt our quality policy in line with our mission and vision;

   Customer Oriented Approach.
   Providing Complete Solutions to Customer Demands.
   Time Management and Productivity.
   International Standards Design.
   To give respect to human and nature.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As ANKA R & D and Engineering, our aim is to adopt and implement the management approach that attaches importance to occupational health and safety. Our policies implemented in this direction;

   To comply with relevant occupational health and safety legislation and other requirements in each country in which we operate.
   To continuously improve the performance of occupational health and safety.
   To provide ergonomic, healthy and safe work environments to reduce injuries related to occupational health and safety and to prevent injuries and health deteriorations.
   To create and disseminate environmental culture.

Environmental policy

As ANKA R & D and Engineering, our aim is to adopt and implement the management approach that protects the environment. Our policies implemented in this direction.

   To comply with environmental regulations and other requirements.
   Continuously improve environmental management performance.
   To reduce the amount of waste from our products and services in all areas of activity and to prevent environmental pollution.
   To be sensitive to the environment in the use of natural resources.
   To create and disseminate environmental culture.

Information Security Policy

   Protect the privacy, integrity and accessibility of information and information processing facilities.
   Ensuring full compliance with the laws, regulations and contract terms.
   To manage risks related to the sustainability of information technology services.
   To have the competency to intervene in information security violations and to reduce the effectiveness of the violation.
   To increase the awareness of the employees about information security and to make them aware of their responsibilities in order to minimize the risks of information security.
   To ensure that outsourced service providers fulfill the requirements of the information security system.
   To protect the reputation of the institution against the negative effects of information security.
   Senior management is committed to providing the necessary resources and cooperation for the continuous improvement of information security management systems. We are turning your dreams to the truth.